Saturday 20th Jul 2024
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HEOC Fails to Pay Debts to Taxi Drivers

An issue has surfaced involving Health Emergency Operations Center (HEOC) withholding payment for taxis hired to transport COVID-19 patients.
While ten taxis have been hired to transport patients on a daily basis, an official of the contracted company has informed online news Vaguthu that HEOC has only paid for 21 days worth of trips. The official claimed that no further payments have been made.
According to the official, the Financial Controller at the Ministry of Health provided excuses when approached regarding the payments. Finance has allegedly been withholding payment as they have not received the records of the trips from HEOC.
Taxis hired by HEOC do not have permission to transport anyone except those who have tested positive for COVID-19. Taxi drivers have no other way of earning an income due to the delayed payments.
A spokesperson for HEOC and the Health Ministry's Deputy Director-General Thasleema Usman informed Vaguthu that taxis were hired for transportation of COVID-19 patients and that the drivers will be paid their dues. No further details were provided.