Thursday 9th Dec 2021
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MP Mohammed Saeed

Establishing Foreign Military Bases in Maldives Will Result in Never-Ending Bitterness: Saeed

Parliament representative for Maavashu constituency Mohamed Saeed has stated that the establishment of a foreign military base in Maldives will result in a bitter, never-ending issue.
Saeed made his statement regarding an Al Jazeera investigation revealing that India has been attempting to establish a secret military base in Agaléga, Mauritius.
He claimed that agreements signed by President Ibrahim Mohmed Solih and his companions have compromised Maldives, and that the establishment of such a military base would result in never-ending bitterness.
MP Saeed warned that there would be no direct notice before the base is established. India was forming the base in Agaléga in secrecy.
Al Jazeera’s Investigation Unit analyzed satellite images and financial data. Al Jazeera reported that according to military experts who examined the information compiled by the investigation, India has been establishing a secret military base to patrol the ocean territory.
Rumors of a military base in Agaléga that arose in 2018 were falsified by the governments of Mauritius and India.
Satellite imaging shows that India has been developing a three-kilometer runway and a large jetty on the island. The island has a population of about 300 people.
The projects in Mauritius are in accordance with an agreement signed in 2015 for the infrastructural development of Agaléga and other Mauritian islands.