Thursday 9th Dec 2021
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MP Mohammed Saeed

Other Countries Spying on Maldives: Saeed

Parliament representative for Maavashu constituency and former Economic Minister Mohamed Saeed has stated that Maldives is a capable nation with exemplary citizens and that foreign nations are spying on Maldives.
Saeed claimed that Maldives is a subjectively wealthy nation, and was once a top cowrie shell trader in South Africa. Maldivians’ ability to construct boats without prior designing has left the world in awe, and that Maldives has the world’s largest fleet of seaplanes.
MP Saeed claimed those were the reasons why foreign countries have always attempted to claim ownership of Maldives, and why competing countries have been seeking opportunities to disadvantage Maldives. He insisted that this proves Maldivian waters are rich in minerals and stated that seaports for two of the world’s busiest sea lanes are also in Maldives.
According to MP Saeed, there is ample proof to show that other countries are attempting to take over Maldives. Foreigners appointed as executives in the central bank, advisor to the Foreign Ministry, and head of operations of Maldives Airports Company Ltd (MACL) are evidence of the extent they have taken over.
He claimed that the government is encouraging these competitive nations, and allowing them to claim ownership of Maldives.
The matter cannot be resolved just by speeches from political leaders, it is the duty of all Maldivian citizens to attempt to save the nation, said Saeed.
MP Saeed reiterated that if Maldivians stand united in efforts to enrich the nation, other countries would not have the opportunity to take over and be involved in domestic matters.
The former minister stated that Maldives developed and reaped the benefits of international trade due to steps taken during the tenure of former President Yameen Abdul Gayoom, and that it can only be done by the former President.