Saturday 20th Jul 2024
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Civil Court Refuses to Issue Court Order to Halt AAA Operations

The Civil Court has refused to issue a temporary court order to halt the business transactions of the Asian Academy of Aeronautics (AAA), the company running the Flying School in Addu. The request for the court order was part of the lawsuit filed by 48 students who wished to be compensated for their losses.
The students requested a court order to prevent AAA from conducting any transactions involving selling their business, changing the business’ rights or selling the business, freezing business accounts opened in Maldives, and dissolving the company.
The civil court highlighted that it is not authorized to issue such temporary court orders and that the order can only be issued if it is determined to be in accordance with the Supreme Court’s conditions in declaring such orders.
According to the court, the lawsuit is requesting compensation for their losses and that the plaintiffs have not requested to acquire any of AAA’s assets.
The court claimed that it is aware that AAA is a foreign company registered in Maldives and that the company has goods and assets in Maldives. The court order also stated there was no evidence suggesting the company is intending to move or sell its assets.
The statement read that the court has no reason to believe that a possible change in the situation will make the implementation of a court order difficult after the plaintiffs' accusations are proven. During the implementation phase, the court has the power to transfer ownership of any property that has been sold.
In their lawsuit, the plaintiffs neglected to justify the reason for freezing AAA’s accounts and halting the company’s business transactions, said the court. The Civil Court also believes that if such an order is issued, it will affect the students currently studying at the company’s school.
Judge Fayyaz Shathir issued the Civil Court order stating that the court sees no reason to issue a court order to freeze AAA’s bank accounts as requested by the plaintiffs.