Wednesday 24th Jul 2024
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Maldivian to Establish a Flying School

Island Aviation Services (IAS), the parent company of the national airline Maldivian has decided to establish a flying school in the Maldives.
The airline announced that a subsidiary company is to be formed to run a flying school on one of the airports across Maldives. This flying school, which will be under separate management, and will provide training up to Commercial Pilot License level. However, aircraft maintenance and safety regulations for the school will be under the purview of IAS.
The announcement seeking interested parties to operate the flying school stipulates that the selected party would be responsible for the operation and administration of an aircraft hangar, training building, two multi-engine and four single-engine aircraft. The party is also required to have at least ten years’ experience of conducting such training.
Moreover, the party must also have operated a flying school in at least two countries, in addition to the country of its registration. The announcement states that interested parties are to submit their documents on or before the 10th of June, and that companies with the financial strength to conduct the project and operate the school would be given priority during the shortlisting process.
The only flying school currently being operated in the Maldives belongs to a Sri Lankan company. A lot of complaints and issues regarding this school have surfaced, with students having raised their concerns for years, due to which the school has now been almost entirely shut down.