Saturday 15th Jun 2024
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AAA Instructors Protest Over Unpaid Renumerations

The flying instructors of the tumultuous Addu Flying School have started protesting regarding their unpaid salaries. The instructors have said that they have not been paid since last month.
The instructors started their protest last Saturday.
The instructors were informed that their salaries would be paid last Monday. The instructors did return back to work, however resumed the protests after further delays with their salaries.
The school has not informed its instructors when their pending salaries will be paid. The school's head of training, Suranjan Di Silva has decided to hold a meeting today.
Flying School staff protested last year regarding unpaid salaries.
The Students Union created by the students of Addu flying school have also released a press statement regarding the school's failure in solving the difficulties after 6 months of submitting them to the school.
The Students Union further stated that courses had been halted because the school did not have sincere motives in finding a solution to the problems facing the school, and not because of the low standard of students, as the school had previously stated.