Friday 1st Mar 2024
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Minister Ahmed Shiyaam

Pres. Yameen's Judgement Influenced by Govt Coalition: Shiyam

Vice President of Progressive Party of Maldives (PPM) and parliament representative for Naifaru constituency Ahmed Shiyam has stated that the judgment of opposition leader former President Yameen Abdul Gayoom was influenced by the government coalition.
Shiyam made his comment in a tweet regarding former President Maumoon Abdul Gayoom claiming that President Yameen will not be allowed to partake in the 2023 presidential election.
Maumoon is a member of President Ibrahim Mohamed Solih’s government coalition. His party, Maldives Reform Movement (MRM), has a share in the current government. However, the party has had little success in electoral positions.
According to Shiyam, letting the nation fall into its current state is great negligence on part of the government coalition. He claimed President Yameen is the only one capable of saving the country, and that the public would not accept any obstacles preventing him from participating in the 2023 election.
He further stated that those actively working to prevent President Yameen from entering the elections are doing a great disservice to the country.