Tuesday 25th Jun 2024
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ex Home Minister Imran Abdullah

Current Govt Will Preserve Independence: Imran

Minister of Home Affairs Sheikh Imran Abdulla has stated that President Ibrahim Mohamed Solih’s government will take all necessary measures to preserve the nation’s independence.
Speaking at the flag-raising ceremony at Republic Square in honor of the Maldives’ 56th Independence Day, Minister Imran claimed that the basics of Maldivian independence are Islam, the Dhivehi language, and Maldivian culture.
He assured the public that President Solih’s government would in no way jeopardize any of those elements.
“As long as the current government remains, by the compassion of Allah, none of these elements will be compromised”, said Imran, warranting that the government would not give way to any foreign or domestic influence.
Minister Imran described carrying on independence to future generations as an asset entrusted by our predecessors and claimed that it can only be preserved by protecting the national principles.
The ceremony to commemorate Independence Day was attended by President Solih, government officials, and foreign dignitaries.