Monday 22nd Jul 2024
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No Police Negligence in Abdullah Rasheed's Death While in Custody: Minister Imran

In a recent development regarding the unfortunate death of Abdullah Rasheed, who passed away while in police custody, Home Minister Imran Abdullah has stated that there was no police negligence involved.
Rasheed, who was facing charges of drug trafficking, had requested medical treatment for chest pain while in custody.
The incident unfolded when Rasheed complained of chest pains as he boarded a launch, which was supposed to transport him to a health center for treatment. However, instead of being taken to the designated health center, he was transported to a hospital on another island. Rasheed had already been dead when he was brought to the hospital.
During a session of the Citizens' Majlis, Hussain Firushaan (MP Madaveli), highlighted that Abdullah Rasheed died six months ago. Firushaan questioned the progress of the investigation into Rasheed's death and expressed concern that no information had been disclosed by the relevant agencies.
After Rasheed's family's request for a postmortem examination abroad, and with the involvement of the National Integrity Commission and the Maldives Police Service, the findings of the report have not been shared with the family or the public.
MP Firushaan also revealed that the family had not been contacted by any of the agencies involved after the postmortem examination. This lack of communication has added to the family's distress and raised questions about the transparency of the investigative process.
Responding to MP Firushaan's concerns, Home Minister Imran Abdullah stated that there was no evidence of negligence or harm caused to Rasheed by the police. The minister emphasized that it would be inappropriate to take action based on rumors and unverified information.
MP Firushaan said that he himself was present on the launch when Rasheed started complaining about his chest pains when he went aboard the launch to be transferred to another island.
He died after experiencing chest pain and fits, police said. Abdullah Rasheed was dying in the port area and the scene was captured on the bodycam of a police officer involved in transporting Rasheed. However, police said no body cams had been used.