Monday 22nd Jul 2024
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ex Home Minister Imran Abdullah

Home Minister accused of sexual harassment, refuses to comment

In a press conference held today by the Maldives Police Service and the Ministry of Home Affairs, a journalist from the Maldives Journal raised a question about the sexual allegations against Home Minister Imran Abdullah. The journalist asked the minister for a comment on the recent accusations made by a former staff member of the Maldives Police Service, who claimed that she was sexually harassed and molested by the Home Minister.
However, the Home Minister refused to answer the question and an official from the ministry stated that only questions related to the topic of today's conference would be answered by the minister. This has raised concerns among the public, who are calling for transparency and accountability from their government officials.
The accusations made against the Home Minister have also brought attention to the issue of sexual harassment and assault within the Maldives government. In an earlier press conference, a journalist asked President Ibrahim Mohamed Solih about the allegations and the president stated that he was not aware of such an incident, but that he is looking into it.
This has led to further criticism of President Solih's administration, with some accusing the government of turning a blind eye to crimes of a sexual nature committed by members of his administration. This case has highlighted the need for proper investigation and action to be taken against those who abuse their power and commit such heinous crimes.