Saturday 24th Feb 2024
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Home Minister Imran Abdullah

Govt to foot the bill for Home Minister's wife's higher education

The government has made arrangements for the living expenses of Fathimath Yumna, wife of Home Minister and Adhaalath Party president Imran Abdulla, when she left abroad for her PhD studies.
Yumna, who was the deputy minister in the Ministry of Gender Family and Social Services, is currently pursuing her PhD in Thailand. Those in political positions do not get paid study leaves while occupying positions. Therefore, after quitting her post, Yumna shifted her residence to Thailand.
However, after she moved to Thailand, she was given a consultant position at the ministry and is paid a generous amount to cover her living expenses in Thailand.
When a Gender Ministry media official was asked by TMJ to confirm that Yumna had been given the job of a consultant in the gender ministry, she said she would respond after examining it, but later did not give any details.