Tuesday 19th Oct 2021
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MP Mohamed Aslam

Unacceptable for MDP to Weaken MDP's Govt.: Aslam

Parliament representative for Hithadhoo-North constituency and Maldives Democratic Party (MDP) member Mohamed Aslam has stated it is unacceptable for MDP members to state their intention to work with opposition parties against President Ibrahim Mohamed Solih and act in ways that weaken the government.
Aslam claimed that working with the opposition Progressive Party of Maldives (PPM) is not MDP's decision, and he will not stand for anyone affiliated with MDP opposing the President while he is ruling in accordance with the constitution.
"To my knowledge, working with PPM is President Nasheed's decision. I have no direct comment on that, as only President Nasheed knows how he wishes to operate. Decisions will be made for MDP after presenting them to MDP's relevant figures. MDP has not made any such decision", said Aslam.
He reiterated that there is no reason for MDP to stand against the President, as he is still a member of MDP and has the power to benefit MDP for the public along with the government, despite the government being a coalition government. Aslam highlighted that President Solih's plan and thinking to overcome the obstacles faced by the government during these difficult times is appropriate.
"President Solih spent 25 years in parliament, playing a major role in amendments with MDP. He aided and supported MDP and former President Nasheed's political work. President Nasheed has also made personal sacrifices, ensuring the rights of citizens by going out on the streets and even while spending jail time. I don't see any better way than for them to work together".
While Aslam has stated as such, former President Nasheed has claimed he will no longer work with President Solih in political matters, and requesting the assistance of PPM and President Yameen Abdul Gayoom is the best option. Nasheed has also recently attributed MDP's loss in the Male' City Council elections to President Solih's government.