Saturday 15th Jun 2024
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MP Mohamed Aslam

MDP Parliamentary Group Defends Decision to Reject Motion on Drug Smuggler Deportations

Mohamed Aslam, the leader of the Maldivian Democratic Party's (MDP) parliamentary group, has responded to criticism from lawmakers regarding the regulations allowing the deportation of foreign individuals who smuggle drugs into the country. Aslam stated that he does not view the regulation as a violation of the anti-narcotics act.
The MDP's parliamentary group recently issued a three-line whip to reject an emergency motion submitted by Henveiru West MP, Hassan Latheef. Latheef claimed that the regulations were in violation of the narcotic law and that the decision by some MDP lawmakers to not allow the issue to be debated in parliament would harm the government. Other members expressed concern that it could encourage drug trafficking and peddling.
Aslam emphasized that the parliamentary group is run based on established rules and regulations and that he cannot act on his own discretion. He explained that the recent rejection of Latheef's motion was in line with the decision of a member of the parliamentary group to reject cases filed without the group's consent. He added that there were two allegations in the case, one being that the government was instigating drug trafficking and the other being that a rule was illegal.
Aslam denies the allegations and stated that he does not believe that the rule was framed against the law. He stated that those carrying drugs are transporters and that intelligence inputs indicate that they are usually in a vulnerable position.