Sunday 2nd Oct 2022
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MP Mohamed Aslam

Protectorate status under the British was mutually beneficial: MP Aslam

Member of Parliament for the North Hithadhoo constituency Mohamed Aslam said that the security offered by the British was mutually beneficial to both countries.
The parliament dedicated a moment of silence in the memory of the late Queen Elizabeth II. Her majesty died last Thursday.
Followed by the moment of silence, MPs were given the opportunity to offer their condolences and MP Aslam highlighted the close relationship the British monarchy had with the Maldives.
Maldives was offered protection by the British Monarch Queen Victoria in 1887, when the people had taken initiative to draft a letter requesting security. Maldives remained under British protection for 79 years.
Aslam asserted that both countries benefited from the offered security. He said that Maldives remained free from being claimed by any other country during the World Wars because it was under Britain’s wing.
The majority leader, Aslam, said that it was an irrefutable fact that the Monarchy offered us much needed help. Moreover, he said that experts have said that despite the western influence, the Maldives got its own constitution because of them and called it one of the biggest steps in governance.
Aslam also said that during those 79 years, people of the Southern atolls, especially the people of Addu had more employment, educational and training opportunities. He gave credit to the Englishmen for kickstarting the development we see today in that region.
Furthermore, Aslam stated that Britain helped keep the peace during World War II, ending three separate acts of rebellion that broke out in the southern atolls, for which Maldives, as a country, must always remain grateful to the British Monarchy.
Aslam had offered condolences to the royal family and Great Britain on behalf of himself, his party, his colleagues, the whole of Addu City and the populace of Maldives.