Tuesday 19th Oct 2021
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President Yameen

Male'-Hulhumale' Electrical Network Established by Pres. Yameen Complete

The electricity network connecting Male' and Hulhumale' initiated during the tenure of President Yameen Abdul Gayoom has been completed.
State Electric Company Ltd (STELCO) stated that the project is a major achievement for the company, and that electricity can now be generated from Male' to Hulhumale', and Hulhumale'to Male'. The establishment of the Greater Male' Grid is a company milestone in providing electrical services, and the project will aid massively in improving the standard of service, said STELCO.
The Greater Male' Grid connections comprise a seven-kilometer, 132kV circuit connecting Male', Hulhumale', and Hulhule'. Each circuit in the network is capable of generating 100 megawatts of power. A total of four 95MVA transformers have been established in Male' and Hulhumale', and two 8MVA transformers have been established in Hulhumale'. The project was initiated by President Yameen after the construction of the Sinamale' Bridge.