Thursday 20th Jun 2024
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MP Hassan Latheef

Adhaalath Party Not Supported by Citizens: Hassan Latheef

Parliament representative for Henveiru-South constituency and Chairperson of Maldives Democratic Party (MDP) Hassan Latheef has stated that out of all the parties in the ruling coalition, Adhaalath Party has no support from citizens.
In an interview with online media Avas, Hassan Latheef highlighted that not a single member of parliament is affiliated with Adhaalath Party.
He also observed that the party has a significantly low following, and expressed his concern regarding President Ibrahim Mohamed Solih's administration complying with the wishes of a small party with no public support.
According to Hassan Latheef, MDP came into power with numerous promises to the public, and acting on the wishes of a small party in the coalition is unacceptable for both him and the citizens.
The MDP Chairperson claimed it is unfair that the government often chooses Adhaalath Party over MDP
He falsified Adhaalath Party's claim that most members of MDP are against the hate crime bill, as most members did not speak against the bill, opting instead for the bill to be sent back to the parliament committee.
When Avas News inquired whether the ruling coalition would unravel due to increasing tensions, Hassan Latheef claimed he does not know what will become of the coalition.