Tuesday 25th Jun 2024
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MP Hassan Latheef

President Nasheed Attack: MP Latheef Points Finger at Government Inaction

In a recent tweet, MP Hassan Latheef of the Maafannu West constituency has stated that the May 6th, 2021 attack against President Nasheed was a result of government carelessness. He noted that despite President Solih's claim that the safety of the people is his highest priority, the government failed to prevent the attack, despite receiving prior knowledge of it.
It is to be recalled that on May 6th, 2021, President Nasheed was targeted in a terror attack as he was leaving his residence. The attack, which involved a motorcycle with an improvised explosive device (IED), resulted in severe injuries for the President.
MP Ilyas Labeeb of the Hulhumeedhoo constituency has previously claimed that he informed Defense Minister Mariya Didi of a possible scheme to assassinate President Nasheed. Supporters of President Nasheed called for Mariya’s resignation at the time, however President Solih refused to dismiss her.
The Maldives government has not yet released an official statement regarding MP Latheef's recent claims, but it is clear that the attack on President Nasheed has led to calls for increased security measures and accountability for those in positions of power.