Sunday 21st Jul 2024
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Gulhifalhu project

No Progress in Obtaining Housing for Male' Residents in Gulhifalhu Project: Dr. Muizzu

Mayor of Male' City Dr. Mohamed Muizzu declared there has been no adequate reinforcement in allocating housing for residents of Male' in Gulhifalhu.
With the election of Dr. Muizzu, the City Council decided to allocate Gulhifalhu as a special housing location for residents of Male'. Despite the council's efforts, the government proceeded with its plans to develop Gulhifalhu as a commercial port.
The previous government planned to establish Gulhifalhu as a residential area, and build the port on Thilafushi. The current government changed the plan and decided to establish Gulhifalhu as a commercial port.
Speaking to online news Adhadhu, Dr. Muizzu stated that when asked to construct the port on Thilafushi instead of Gulhifalhu, President Ibrahim Mohamed Solih claimed it would be difficult as construction has already begun.
If the port cannot be changed, the Mayor then requested changes to land allocation, suggesting the construction of housing units on the land intended for warehouses.
He divulged that despite the construction of the port, if the remaining area was reclaimed, there would be 180 hectares for housing development. If the area that has yet to be reclaimed is reclaimed, the space would be equal to that of Phase 2 in Hulhumale'.
Although the President claimed he would revise the plans with the city council, he has made no such move, said Dr. Muizzu.