Sunday 23rd Jan 2022
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President Solih

Bridge Completion Unlikely by End of Presidential Term: Pres. Solih

President Ibrahim Mohamed Solih has stated that it is unlikely that the Thilamale’ Bridge, pledged to be completed during his term, will be completed by the end of the presidential term in 2023.
The president stated as such following a reporter’s inquiry regarding the reason for delays in projects funded by India’s EXIM Bank. The reporter also inquired about the date of completion.
Noting that the Thilamale’ Bridge Project is the largest project funded by India’s EXIM Bank, President Solih said that the project’s bidding phase is complete, and the company to be assigned the project has been decided. All that is left is to sign the agreement with the company, he said.
As per the president, there are further matters to be discussed between both parties before signing the agreement. Despite the project’s initiation, President Solih is doubtful whether the bridge will reach up to Thilafushi by the end of 2023, as time has been lost due to COVID-19.
President Solih claimed that a large portion of the project will be opened even if the bridge is incomplete, and that the government aims to open up more areas as development progresses.