Sunday 21st Jul 2024
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Head of Central Policing Command ACP Naveen Removed from Position

Assistant Commissioner of Police Ismail Naveen has been removed from his position as head of central policing command.
An official from the Maldives Police Service informed the Maldives Journal that from today, ACP Naveen has been appointed as Head of Training and Development, a position that is much lower in the police hierarchy. Naveen's previous position was one of the highest in rank, as head of central policing command is in charge of all police operations in the Male' Area.
A source within police claimed his position was revoked as Naveen has close ties with former President and incumbent Speaker of Parliament Mohamed Nasheed.
The source also reported that the Commissioner of Police Mohamed Hameed had been attempting to change Naveen's position for some time.
Naveen's previous position of Head of Central Policing Command is now held by Assistant Commissioner of Police Ali Shuja.