Sunday 14th Jul 2024
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MP Mohammed Saeed

Saeed Criticizes President Nasheed's Accusations Against Saudi

Parliament representative for Maavashu constituency Mohamed Saeed criticized former President and incumbent Speaker of Parliament Mohamed Nasheed, sharing a previous tweet and a tweet posted on 2nd July by the former president.
Speaker Nasheed tweeted saying that foreign diplomats in the Maldives must be discussed within certain parameters, and statements critical of India made by the opposition must be brought to an end.
The former president's tweet was regarding the Indian High Commission's request to the government to reprimand Dhiyares and the Maldives Journal. The Ministry of Foreign Affairs has also stated that some Maldivian media outlets have repeatedly published untrue recurring articles and social media posts attacking the Indian High Commission and members of its diplomatic staff.
MP Saeed today shared a tweet posted by former President Nasheed during the presidential election in 2018. The tweet read that the running mate for former President Yameen Abdul Gayoom, Dr. Mohamed Shaheem Ali Saeed was an alleged recruiter for the Islamic State, and accused the Saudi Ambassador of encouraging extremism in Maldives for congratulating Shaheem.
The tweet from MP Saeed further stated that the meanings of the words hate speech, conflict, diplomacy, and extremism seemed to change from year to year. He criticized President Nasheed stating that was how some now defined the law and justice, so one must consider what will occur on the road to justice.