Tuesday 18th Jun 2024
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Member Ali Azim

Claims of Thilafushi Expats Being Armed

Parliament majority leader and representative for Henveiru-Central constituency Ali Azim claimed that migrant workers at Thilafushi are likely to be armed, linking them to terrorism.
During a debate regarding the amendment to the bill on terrorism presented to the parliament by the government, Azim stated that expatriate workers at Thilafushi have been disregarding all rules.
He described Thilafushi as a nest of migrants and said he has no idea why the authorities are not investigating the condition of the island. According to MP Azim, the majority of workers are illegal immigrants.
He further stated that they are likely to carry weaponry and create explosives to execute bombings.
"They are likely to carry weapons. They could be planning bombings and teaching how to execute such acts", said Ali Azim.
The majority leader also alleged that the migrant workers at Thilafushi may instigate an attack on the Maldives National Defence Force (MNDF), calling for the property to be cleansed, as if they were to face off with MNDF, it would be considered an act of terrorism.
The amendment to the bill on terrorism will allow the Minister of Home Affairs to detain women and children returning from participating in wars on foreign lands.
The bill would also allow police to arrest suspects for planning terrorist attacks beyond reasonable doubt without a court order.