Thursday 20th Jun 2024
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Member Ali Azim

Ruling Party MP Calls for Impeachment of Judges Who Do Not Stop India Out Movement

MP Ali Azim (MDP-Central Henveiru) has called for the impeachments of judges who do not stop the “India Out” campaign. The India Out campaign is a grassroots movement adopted by the political opposition; it calls for the removal of Indian military assets and personnel from the Maldives and for an end to India's exertion of undue influence over the Maldives.
During a session of the Majlis today, MP Azim stated that the role od judges were critical in making the Maldives a “clean” nation. However, he questioned the motives of the current Supreme Court judges. He stated that the Supreme Court’s decision to overturn the sentence on opposition leader President Abdulla Yameen "did not make any sense".
He then accused the opposition leader of negatively influencing the bilateral relations between Maldives and India with the India Out campaign and that it needed to be stopped.
“If they don’t stop it, we are ready to remove whoever it is from the courts", said MP Azim.
"It doesn’t matter if it is the Anti-Corruption Commission or the Civil Service Commission or the Elections Commission or even the Judicial Services Commission.”