Thursday 20th Jun 2024
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MP Hassan Latheef

Govt. Has Violated Party Philosophy: Hassan Latheef

Member of Parliament for West Henveiru constituency and Maldives Democratic Party (MDP) Chairperson Hassan Latheef declared that the public was unhappy with President Ibrahim Mohamed Solih's administration as the party's philosophy and regulations are no longer being implemented by those in positions of power.
While MDP on Sunday celebrated its 16th anniversary, the previously amicable political party has been disbanded, the damage clearly visible to the public. President Ibrahim Mohamed Solih failed to even attend the MDP National Majilis.
It is worth noting that formerly, government officials did not attend anniversary events held by the National Majilis. However, many observed that those active at the head of the party since the beginning, such as Mariya Ahmed Didi, Mohamed Ismail, and Fayyaz Ismail, did not even post a tweet to congratulate members on the party's 16th anniversary.
There were echoes of complaints at the once-united party's event. The Chairperson stated that MDP was established upon certain philosophies, upon certain regulations, to pursue certain goals. The philosophies were maintained to ensure fairness, protect the rights of the people, and stop corruption
Hassan Latheef further claimed that it is difficult for party members to watch over as the government switches its priorities. "MDP's 40 percent share of the government must be used to fulfill the purpose upon which MDP was built. There would be fewer clashes between members of the philosophy was being followed", said the MP.
He stressed that it is the responsibility of MDP members within the government to fulfill the appeals of common members, and they must step up to their duties.
"These things must be prioritized now more than ever. Members of the public are asking for the progress of previous tasks". The lack of a conclusion for the assassination attempt on MDP leader and former President Mohamed Nasheed is an additional worry for members of the party, said the Chairperson.
"Citizens don't just want a port or a platform. The explosion on Majeedhee Magu is linked to the safety of all Maldivians. Their freedom to walk the streets freely with their families".
Hassan Latheef reiterated the importance of maintaining the party's philosophy, organizing priorities, and solving the public's issues.