Thursday 20th Jun 2024
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PG Hussain Shameem

Gender Ministry Can Reprimand Media: PG Shameem

Prosecutor General Hussain Shameem stated he believes the Ministry of Gender, Family and Social Services can reprimand publishers of information that lessens the sanctity of children.
The statement was aimed at some media outlets that publicized personal information of the recently murdered 13-year-old. Some reports claimed the victim was involved in dealing drugs.
The Gender Ministry advised against the reports. The online media Avas was fined MVR 2000, and the ministry warned Vaguthu, One Online, and Adhadhu.
In a personal blog post, PG Shameem wrote that previously, media were able to publish information on minors as there was no specific law against it. However, laws protecting the rights of children are now being adhered to.
Shameem highlighted that according to Article 15 of the law when reporting news involving minors, personal information must be protected. Tarnishing the sanctity of children in such reports is a violation of Article 33.
PG Shameem further stated that it is illegal to reveal information or pictures of minors who are instigators or victims of a crime.
"I see the dispute between Maldives Media Council and Ministry of Gender when it comes to the law. As I see it, a specific law must be adhered to with the ministry. In such situations, there is reason to believe the ministry should be allowed to act", said Shameem.
However, he claimed the best way to solve these issues would be to prioritize creating awareness.