Tuesday 3rd Oct 2023
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Over Half a Million Tourist Arrivals This Year

Ministry of Tourism declared that over half a million tourists have visited Maldives so far this year.
According to figures publicised by the ministry, 500,406 tourists had visited Maldives by last Friday.
With over 100,000 tourists, March welcomed the most arrivals in the past few months. From May onwards, the number of arrivals have decreased.
The decrease was attributed to the current period being the off-season for travel, and the target markets having concluded their visits.
A major reason for the drop in incomers is travel advisories in some nations regarding the rampant spread of COVID-19 in Maldives.
Currently, the country welcomes an average of 1,837 guests daily.
Up until Friday, the most tourist arrivals were from Russia, at 120,514 guests. India, ranking second, showed 89,599 arrivals.
Records also show 27,151 arrivals from Germany, 24,203 arrivals from Ukraine, and 18,505 arrivals from the USA.