Saturday 20th Jul 2024
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CCTV Network to be Established in Hulhumale'

Housing Development Corporation (HDC) decided to establish CCTV surveillance throughout Hulhumale' City, as part of an effort to increase security in the Greater Male' Area.
The system will be connected with HDC's Gigabyte Passive Optical Network (GPON). Sources report that the operation will begin in the residential area surrounding the Hiyaa Flats in Phase 2. CCTV cameras will then be spread based upon the Phase 2 development plan.
HDC stated they will install city-wide cameras in Phase 1, once ongoing GPON projects in the area conclude. Other smart features in addition to the cameras are expected to improve the efficiency of police and emergency response teams.
The system will also allow for a greater understanding of incidents and better coordination of response teams, as well as a decrease in criminal activity.