Thursday 9th Feb 2023
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Ahmed Mahloof

Mahloof Still Under Investigation: ACC

Anti-Corruption Commission (ACC) revealed they were further investigating the Minister of Youth, Sports, and Community Empowerment Ahmed Mahloof's involvement in the MMPRC scandal, as ordered by the Prosecutor General's Office.
ACC previously requested the Office to press charges against Mahloof twice. Both times, the PGO informed the commission to rectify administrative issues in their case. ACC is currently attempting to correct those issues. However, they provided no further details.
The commission declared they were unable to provide an estimate of when they will complete the requests, or when they will submit the final requirements to the PG's Office. Amidst accusations of his involvement in the scandal, President Ibrahim Mohamed Solih suspended Minister Mahloof for the second time.
Mahloof, on June 9, was accused after a joint investigation among Police, Corruption and Asset Recovery Commission, and ACC discovered a suspicious sum of money in the minister's possession.
During the ongoing investigation, Minister Mahloof heavily criticized the President of ACC Mariyam Shiuna, claiming he was not a ball for her to play around with.