Thursday 25th Jul 2024
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PG Hussain Shameem

PG Shameem Disapproves of Ali Waheed's Court Proceedings

Prosecutor General Hussain Shameem criticized the way the Criminal Court decided to proceed with the case of former Minister of Tourism Ali Waheed.
His criticism was directed at the court's decision to allow Ali Waheed to partake in a virtual hearing while in the UK.
PG Shameem, speaking at the online hearing on Monday, announced his plans to dispute the decision made by the Chief Justice of the Criminal Court. He then requested the ruling in writing.
Ali Waheed claimed Shameem was attempting to intimidate the judge, declaring he was part of former Vice President Ahmed Adeeb's defense when the MMPRC scandal surfaced. The former minister also accused him of paying selective attention in some cases.
Former Minister Waheed's classified hearing became heated when his criticisms angered the Prosecutor General.
In a tweet regarding the hearing, PG Shameem stated that the case of a man who once stole a bottle of rihaakuru was summoned to court and went to trial, so it was unjust for another person to be tried while in a nation where the Maldives has no jurisdiction, against the rules established by the Supreme Court. He further stated that it was a violation of Article 19 of the Constitution of Maldives.