Monday 22nd Jul 2024
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MP Ali Hussain

Rights Difficult to Obtain Once Relinquished: Ali Hussain

Member of Parliament Ali Hussain stated that the government will regret limiting the right to free speech.
Member Hisaan Hussain, Representative for Thulhaadhoo Constituency, proposed a bill condemning statements and actions prohibited in Islam. In response, MP Ali tweeted a right that is relinquished will be hard to obtain, and the state will regret limiting free speech.
The bill to amend the Penal Code of the Maldives Act (no. 9/2014) was presented to parliament by President Ibrahim Mohamed Solih's administration. Religious scholars and members of oppositional parties expressed major concern regarding the bill.
Jumhooree Party and Adhaalath Party, although part of the coalition running the government, stated they were against the bill. They claimed the bill was presented without any discussion among the three parties.
The Ministry of Islamic Affairs confirmed that the government did not consult the ministry regarding the bill.