Thursday 25th Jul 2024
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Social housing

Council Housing 25-30% of 11,000 Units

The government stated that 25 to 30 percent of the housing projects in the Greater Male' Area will be designated council housing.
Although the housing projects are carried out by private companies, the council housing units are appointed to those who require urgent housing. The units will not be under their possession.
120 apartments from the Apollo Construction project are to be council housing, including 60 two-room apartments and 60 three-room apartments.
Spokesperson Mabrook Abdul Azeez today at a press conference, informed Dhiyares that agreements in relation to the social housing units are being negotiated.
He further stated that instead of a direct figure, it would best to share the number of social housing units as a percentage, which was 25 to 30 percent of 11,000 units.
25 percent of 11,000 units would be 2,200 units. 30 percent would be 3,300 units. Unlike the previous administration, the current government counts units developed for real estate business as well.