Wednesday 28th Jul 2021
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MP Mohammed Saeed

Shouldn’t entreating foreign military powers to invade the Maldives be declared treason?: Saeed

Parliamentary representative for Maavashu MP, Mohamed Saeed has aimed harsh criticism at the Solih administration and main ruling party MDP.
Taking to Twitter today, the former Economic Minister wrote that entreating foreign military powers to invade or annex the Maldives after every disappointment or disgruntlement should be declared treason, and that doing so should be prioritized on the [government’s] agenda.
Saeed’s comments come after a bill was submitted to parliament by Thulhaadhoo MP Hisaan Hussain that will – once passed – criminalize accusing a specific person of sacrilege, or of taking a stand against Islam in public; or using the Islamic faith to incite hatred against a specific person within the community; or accusing, describing, or taking part in describing a Muslim as a kuffar or infidel in public.
The bill also criminalizes inciting violence against a Muslim – either by encouraging or taking part in the violence – after accusing them of being a kuffar or infidel. The bill classifies this charge as a Class 5 Felony.
In addition to MP Saeed, many religious scholars have raised their voices against the bill in question, including former Vice President and advisor to the opposition, Dr. Mohamed Jameel Ahmed, who stated that this bill would encourage anti-Islamic sentiments within the nation.