Thursday 9th Dec 2021
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MP Ahmed Shiyaam

Not Surprised by the Leak Due to Several Reasons: Shiyam

Parliamentary representative for Naifaru constituency, Ahmed Shiyam has stated that he was unsurprised by the fact that classified information regarding the security given to former President and incumbent Speaker of Parliament Mohamed Nasheed as well as information regarding his residence was leaked.
In fact, Shiyam further said that he is amazed that so many pro-government parliamentarians are so shocked by the fact that the information was leaked. He went on to detail several reasons for his being unsurprised.
The first of many reasons given by MP Shiyam was that the May 6th attack on Nasheed came after a parliamentarian was made aware of such an attack being planned, following which no tangible steps were taken to prevent it. The information MP Shiyam is referring to was shared by the MP for Hulhudhoo constituency, Ilyas Labeeb.
Shiyam also highlighted that he was not surprised because of the video that surfaced showing the senior-most leaders of the Maldives National Defense Force – who are tasked with providing security for Speaker Nasheed – enjoying themselves with karaoke performances.
“Speaker Nasheed’s bodyguards and his seucirty team belong to the MNDF. The heads of the MNDF were busy singing karaoke four or five days after he was attacked”, said Shiyam.
Shiyam further noted that after the attack on Speaker Nasheed, the road which the People’s Majlis building is on was cleared, causing inconvenience for the people who use it for their daily conveyance. This, he said, was an effort on the part of the government to cause resentment for Speaker Nasheed among the people.
The MP also went on to remark that after the case of a pistol being found in ADK while Speaker Nasheed was undergoing treatment in the hospital being brushed under the rug and being declared a simple mistake on the part of one of his bodyguards, this leak of privilege information regarding his security shouldn’t come as a surprise to anyone.
In addition, MP Shiyam noted that the incumbent Commissioner of Police is someone who had previously leaked information related to national security himself; and that those who had planned and executed a similar attack on President Yaameen were transferred from their prison cells to air-conditioned rooms by this government. As such, this leak shouldn’t have been a surprise, said Shiyam.
All this is further proof that the incumbent government is not sincere in their efforts to stamp out terrorism from Maldivian soil. What’s more, Defense Minister Mariya is not capable of carrying out the duties and responsibilities of her role, said MP Shiyam.