Saturday 15th Jun 2024
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MDP Can Rise from Rock Bottom If Nasheedh Steps Aside: Reeko Moosa

MDP’s previous Chairperson Reeko Moosa Manik has stated that to rise up from the bottom of the pits that MDP has fallen in to, Nasheedh must step aside as Party Leader.
On a program presented to you by Sangu News, Reeko stated that MDP has suffered numerous losses since 2013 and that Nasheedh must accept LCE’s losses and step aside as party leader.
Reeko noted that MDP lost Malé City which is uncommon and that party leadership should assume responsibility of this.
Despite losing, what followed was a press conference and numerous excuses regarding the major loss and that after evaluating the election results, MDP must make way for a new leadership, stated Reeko. He further noted that Nasheed is also taking the path down the 30 years he fought so hard against.
Reeko stated that when taking a look at MDP positions, an obvious pattern would appear and that the same people have been filling the positions constantly, almost like a dictatorship. This also blocks the way for new and energetic youth to join ranks.
The reason that Nasheed is calling for a Parliamentary rule is due to his desire to become Prime Minister, he noted. According to Reeko Nasheed has also not filled any position he had been elected to or appointed to adequately and that even if he becomes Prime Minister that it would yield no result.