Sunday 21st Jul 2024
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Nasheed to be Blamed for Unrest at EC Premises: Opposition

Opposition Coalition has stated that the disturbance that occurred during the noon hours of yesterday outside the Elections Commission of Maldives was due to Speaker of Parliament President Mohamed Nasheed.
According to the press release by the Opposition Coalition, they had received word that ballot boxes were being recounted and the disturbance amongst the members of public who had gathered to express concern regarding this was due to Speaker of Majlis President Nasheed.
The press statement further highlighted that President Yameen’s policies and and Opposition had won this election, there have been press conferences indicating that the Speaker and the President had plans of changing the results of the election to swing in their party’s favour.
The statement also expressed concern regarding the fact that when data was entered into the Elections database, PPM candidates had a lower number of votes. The statement further noted that this was initiated due to rumors saying that the President intended to influence the results of the election.
The statement also noted that the atmosphere of the area was disturbed due to opposition appearing on to the scene and making obscene gestures towards them.
PPM had also criticized MDP for spreading false information regarding the situation in their press statement at hand during the press conference held at Elections Commission.
President Nasheed was halted in his tracks at Elections Commission by the Police and the public for attempting to enter.