Monday 22nd Jul 2024
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Invitation to Join President Biden's Climate Summit Not Extended to President Solih

It has been revealed that President Solih did not receive an invitation to American President Joe Biden’s “Leader’s Summit on Climate” which will be taking place from the 22nd until the 23rd of this April.
This summit is to be taking place virtually regarding the concerns of climate change and action. Forty leaders from around the have been invited to this summit including leaders from small developing countries such as Antigua and Barbuda's Prime Minister and the President of Marshall Islands.
Leaders from South Asia such as India, Bangladesh, and Bhutan’s Prime Ministers were also amongst the invitees to this summit.
It is unclear why President Solih was not extended an invitation to this summit. President Solih has often spoken about climate change when he attends international conferences and meetings. President’s first UN Address was also mainly focused on the struggles faced by developing countries due to climate change.
According to the White House, the invitation to this summit was extended to leaders who showed extensive leadership against climate change and to the leaders of seventeen countries that contribute to over 80% of the release of poisonous gases into the atmosphere.