Thursday 11th Aug 2022
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MP Ahmed Saleem (Hoarafushi)

Saleem's Words, A Mockery Towards Civil Servants: TAM

Teacher’s Association of Maldives has released a statement regarding what Member for Hoarafushi Constituency Ahmed Saleem said on the floor of People’s Majlis.
The statement reads that this was a mockery towards all civil servants and citizens of Hoarafushi. TAM strongly condemned Member Saleem’s representation of civil servants as people who have to freedom of expression from the moment they sign their employment agreements.
As a member representing the party that brought in the Constitutional Right with Article 27 to freely voice opinions, saying such is a mockery, statement further reads.
TAM noted that the most important power granted by the Constitution to protect citizens is People’s Majlis and that members should not be speaking irresponsibly in ways that may create impure intentions in civil servants hearts towards them or in ways that may be dismissive of any citizen’s fundamental rights.
A lot of criticism was directed towards Salle’s words on the floor of People’s Majlis last week when he debated that civil service is a separate profession and that it needs to be regulated.