Saturday 20th Jul 2024
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Progressive congress coalition

Abdul Raheem and Shujaau Freed, With Conditions

The Criminal Court has conditionally released the President of the People's National Congress, Abdul Raheem Abdullah, and the Vice President of the PNC, Ibrahim Shujau.
The Court conditioned that they should inform the Maldives Police Service if either of the defendants were to travel outside Male. Likewise, they were to present themselves if the Police were to require their presence during the course of an investigation. Also, they were ordered to inform the authorities were they to change addresses or contact numbers.
Shujau and Abdullah were arrested during an opposition protest outside the Ministry of Health yesterday. The protesters called for the vaccine's safety to be properly evaluated and proven before it was to be administered to Maldivian citizens.
The opposition Coalition had decided upon direct action after the High Court upheld the guilty verdict passed by the Criminal Court against former President Yameen Abdul Gayyoom. The opposition has been holding protests in Male City every day since the hearing.