Sunday 2nd Oct 2022
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Several Arrested At Opposition Demonstration For Early Elections

The opposition Progressive Coalition have staged protests calling for early Local Council Elections.
Protesters gathered in front of the Elections Commission office and called for early elections. They protesters spilled out into Ameenee Magu with banners and posters.
Early in the protest, President of the opposition, Shujau, and President of the DRP, “Colonel” Nasheed, were arrested.
So far, fifteen protestors have been arrested. Several members, officials, and presidents of the steering committees are among their number.
The Local Council Elections had originally been scheduled for April 2020. However, they were delayed on account of the COVID-19 pandemic. A special sunset law had been passed. The law stated that elections could only be held once the state of public health emergency was lifted.
The law had been further amended this year, and the Elections Commission have planned to hold elections in April.
Opposition leaders claim that the government are delaying elections because of a “decline in support for the government”, and also claim that there is “little hope” that elections would be held this year.