Saturday 24th Feb 2024
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Twenty percent of Households Fail to Pay WAMCO Fees

To solve the issue of surmounting unpaid WAMCO bills, the inclusion of the garbage collection fee into the bill of a utility company is currently being discussed as per the Ministry of Environment.
That many people benefit from WAMCO’s garbage collection services without paying the fees was mentioned by the Director General of the Ministry of Environment, Ahmed Murtaza, on the “Falasurukhee” programme; which airs on RaajjeTV.
He said that many such discussions had already been held, and the best solution that had arisen was to include the fees into a utility bill.
He also mentioned that the legal guidelines under which WAMCO operated would have to be amended. As WAMCO is not legally recognized as a utility company, he said, WAMCO had to pay GST on all fees received.
Of the 34,000 households in Malé, 19,000 are registered with WAMCO. However, 20% registered households have failed to pay fees, and this has been a recurrent problem since WAMCO’s inception, said WAMCO’s Managing Director, Adam Mohamed.
Being responsible was not just to leave the garbage out before the garbage collectors arrived, said Murutaza. If WAMCO does not get paid, it would affect the quality of service, he pointed out.