Wednesday 17th Aug 2022
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Resorts Should Be Safe For Women: Adam

MP for Maduvvari constituency Adam Shareef Umar has stated that the resort environment should be safe for female employees.
Parliament leader of opposition People's National Congress tweeted a statement regarding the sexual harassment case that took place at JW Marriot resort, which was reported by various media outlets as a rape case.
It was previously reported that a 19-year-old female intern at the resort was raped by the F&B manager of the resort who happens to be of Indian nationality. However, Maldives Police Service has claimed that the incident that took place in the resort was not a case of rape.
Last night the police informed the media that it was a case of sexual harassment and attempted assault. The police also confirmed that the accused individual has left the Maldives.
It has been observed that over the last two years a lot of individuals of Indian nationality have been accused of various crimes and have left the Maldives before the conclusion of any police investigation.