Sunday 21st Jul 2024
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Seven days given to respond to the refusal to disclose the number of Indian soldiers in Maldives

High Court has granted seven days to the Information Commissioners Office to respond in writing to the case filed by Dhiyares News against the office regarding its endorsement of the Ministry of Defense’s refusal to provide the number of Indian soldiers stationed in the Maldives and the amount being spent on them by the Maldivian government.
On 20th December the court ordered the Information Commissioners Office to respond to the case in writing within 7 days. Dhiyares appealed the case at the High Court on 26th November. Dhiyares is represented at the court by former Civil Court judge and former deputy Prosecutor General Mariyam Nihayath of Dhivehi Chambers.
Ministry of Defense refused to provide the information requested by Dhiyares citing national security concerns as well as claims that if it would jeopardize relations with India and Maldives.
Although the Information Commissioners Office ruled that the decision of the Ministry was right, there are concerns among the public regarding the ministry’s refusal to provide the requested information.
High Court will be scheduling the first hearing of the case when the Information Commissioners Office sends its written response to the court.