Friday 1st Mar 2024
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Woman alleged to have been sexually harassed by the Home Minister dismissed from Police

Maldives Police Service has dismissed the woman alleged to have been sexually harassed by Home Minister Imran Abdulla.
The Disciplinary Board of Maldives Police Service decided to penalize her after an investigation of her faceoff with the minister on the road. She has shared the story of abuse by Imran before he was appointed as the Home Minister. According to her, Imran had touched her inappropriately after inviting her to the office of the Adhaalath Party which is headed by Imran.
Audi clips where she claims that Imran has sexually assaulted her and touched her inappropriately have previously surfaced on social media. Screenshots of a conversation between her and a scholar of Adhaalath Party Dr. Mohmed Iyaz was also shared on social media.
According to the Police Service, the decision to dismiss her from service was taken because she had violated article 107 of the police employment regulation. The regulation states that any action that brings shame to the Maldives Police Service or the government can lead to disciplinary actions.
It is likely that the incident investigated by the police disciplinary board was her standoff with Imran. The board had decided to dismiss her from the service and to suspend her till the appeal period provided in the employment regulations are over.