Monday 22nd Jul 2024
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President Working in the Best Interest of the Country: MP Azaan

Ahmed Azaan, MP for Hithadhoo Central, Addu, has affirmed that President Dr. Mohamed Muizzu is working in the best interest of the country. Speaking on PSM News' 'Raajje Miadhu' program yesterday, Azaan highlighted the poor state of the economy when the current administration took office and praised the President’s far-sighted economic policies.
Azaan pointed out that one of the first actions taken by President Muizzu was to halt the printing of money. "This is something we also differed in opinion on. Should we stop printing money when the election is so close? Some people advised us to do it after the parliamentary elections," Azaan said. However, the President decided to stop printing money to ensure the long-term financial stability of the country.
Discussing the nation's financial obligations, Azaan revealed that the Maldives needs to pay a total of $500 million this year, $500 million next year, and $1 billion the following year. He noted that half of this year’s debt has already been paid off, highlighting the difficult financial situation the country faces. Despite these challenges, Azaan expressed confidence in the government's ability to overcome them. "These things can be overcome; the government has that political will, there are policies," he said.
Azaan also mentioned that the government is formulating plans to increase revenue, with details to be announced later. He emphasized the need for reforms in state-owned enterprises (SOEs), as well as in the Aasandha health insurance scheme and the National Social Protection Agency (NSPA). "The government is discussing and preparing to list these reforms," he added.