Monday 22nd Jul 2024
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Dr. Anara Naeem Elected Vice-Chairperson of Judiciary Committee

In a recent meeting of the Judiciary Committee, Husnee Mubarik has been elected as the Chairman of the Judiciary Committee of the Parliament, while Dr. Anara Naeem has been elected as the Vice-Chairperson.
Husnee Mubarik's nomination as Chairman was proposed at the first committee meeting held yesterday, receiving support from Fuvahmulah Central MP Ali Fazal. Mubarak secured his position with the votes of 11 committee members.
Similarly, Dr. Anara Naeem's nomination for Vice-Chairperson was proposed by Hulhudhoo MP Mohamed Shahid and supported by Holhudhoo MP Abdul Sattar Mohamed. Despite South Hithadhoo MP Ibrahim Nazil's nomination for the same role, Dr. Anara's candidacy proceeded uncontested as Nazil's nomination did not receive sufficient backing.
The Judiciary Committee looks forward to Husnee Mubarik's and Dr. Anara Naeem's leadership in their respective roles, aiming to drive significant progress in their legislative responsibilities.