Thursday 20th Jun 2024
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President Dr.Muizzu

President Dr. Muizzu Highlights Digital Transformation at International Conference on SIDS

President Dr. Mohamed Muizzu delivered a keynote address today at the side-event “Smart Maldives: Journey towards a digitally inclusive community” during the 4th International Conference on Small Island Developing States (SIDS) in Antigua and Barbuda. Organized by the Ministry of Housing, Land, and Urban Development alongside the National Centre for Information Technology (NCIT), the event underscored the critical role of digital transformation in addressing the unique challenges faced by SIDS.
In his address, President Muizzu highlighted the significant strides the Maldives has made in leveraging digital solutions to enhance various sectors, including healthcare, education, and public service delivery. He emphasized that embracing technology has allowed the Maldives to drive constructive transformation and overcome developmental barriers, turning challenges into opportunities.
“By embracing innovation and technology, we have the means to drive constructive transformation and overcome developmental barriers,” President Muizzu stated. “I am happy to say that the Maldives represents a success story in digital transformation.”
President Muizzu outlined several achievements, including universal telephone coverage across all islands and the implementation of web applications and portals that provide critical services to Maldivians. Looking ahead, he mentioned exploring innovative uses for 5G technology, such as drone networks for medical supply delivery, smart road systems, and AI-integrated GIS for erosion detection and environmental monitoring.
Addressing the pressing issue of cybersecurity, President Muizzu acknowledged the global challenges of unauthorized access, account hijacking, and data privacy breaches. He emphasized the importance of robust cybersecurity infrastructure and announced the expansion of the National Centre for Information Technology’s role in facilitating holistic national technology governance. Additionally, he highlighted the establishment of the National Cybersecurity Agency and the introduction of necessary legislation to address current security concerns.
“We have also established the National Cybersecurity Agency and aim to introduce necessary legislation to address the current security concerns, threats, and trends emanating from the digital realm,” he said.
President Muizzu called for international cooperation, targeted investments, and technical expertise to support the Maldives' transformation into a digital economy. He emphasized the need for inclusive participation in regional and international standard-setting negotiations and fair representation in shaping the digital economy.
“Our commitment to achieving SDGs drives us to continuously invest in building the digital citizen who is well equipped for the age of Artificial Intelligence and ‘Big Data’,” President Muizzu added.
The keynote concluded with a call to action, urging SIDS to embrace the limitless opportunities offered by digital transformation. President Muizzu expressed hope that the “Smart Maldives: Journey towards a digitally inclusive community” would inspire other nations to pursue similar paths.
“We have navigated treacherous currents, faced tempests of doubt, and charted our course through uncharted waters. But it is in our vulnerability—the soft sands of our limitations—that resilience takes root. Just as an island withstands the relentless tides, we too must rise above self-imposed boundaries,” he concluded.
The event was attended by ministers, distinguished guests, UN organizations, and international private sector actors, who all commended the Maldives for its innovative approach to digital transformation and its commitment to sustainable development.