Saturday 15th Jun 2024
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Swearing-in Ceremony for the 20th Parliament Scheduled for Tomorrow

Tomorrow marks a significant milestone in the democratic process of the Maldives as the 20th Members of Parliament are set to take their oath of office. The solemn swearing-in ceremony is scheduled to commence promptly at 9 am.
Following the oath-taking, the distinguished members will proceed with the important task of electing the Speaker and Vice-President of the Parliament, with the session slated to begin at 10:15 am on the same day.
Preparations for this momentous occasion have been underway, with an induction programme organised yesterday to familiarise the incoming members with their roles and responsibilities.
The upcoming parliamentary session follows the April 21 elections, which saw representatives elected from 93 constituencies across the country. Of the elected members, 73 hail from the ruling party, the PNC. Notably, a significant proportion of the newly elected MPs are fresh faces, marking a transition in the parliamentary landscape.
As the nation anticipates the commencement of the new parliamentary term, expectations are high for constructive dialogue, effective governance, and the pursuit of initiatives aimed at advancing the welfare and prosperity of the people.