Thursday 20th Jun 2024
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Bangladesh ruling party MP killed in India

In a tragic turn of events, Anwarul Azim Anar, a Member of Parliament from Bangladesh's ruling party, has been discovered murdered in India. The news was confirmed by Bangladesh's Home Minister Asaduzzaman Khan, who informed reporters that Anar, aged 56, was found dead in an uninhabited house in Kolkata.
According to reports, Kolkata Police Chief Harun stated that Anar was reported missing on May 19, prompting a specialized unit to initiate a search operation that lasted three days. His body was eventually discovered, although the circumstances surrounding his death remain unclear. An autopsy has been conducted to determine the cause of death.
The Home Minister revealed that three Bangladeshis have been apprehended in connection with the case. However, their identities and current whereabouts have not been disclosed to avoid compromising the ongoing investigation.
Anar's family, devastated by the tragic news, has traveled to Kolkata to claim his body. Initial reports suggest that Anar may have traveled to India for medical treatment. He was last seen alive on May 12 during a visit to a family member before he went missing after purportedly seeking medical attention.
In light of this distressing development, Bangladesh Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina has extended her heartfelt condolences to Anar's family, expressing solidarity and sympathy during this difficult time.
The incident has sent shockwaves through Bangladesh's political landscape, raising concerns about the safety of public officials both at home and abroad. Authorities in both Bangladesh and India are collaborating closely to ensure a thorough investigation into Anar's untimely demise.