Tuesday 21st May 2024
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Minister Zameer

Foreign Minister Moosa Zameer Embarks on First Official Visit to India

In a notable development on the diplomatic front, Foreign Minister Moosa Zameer is en route to India today for his inaugural official visit. This marks a significant milestone in Maldives' diplomatic engagements, as it is the first such high-level visit to India since President Dr. Muizzu took office on November 17 last year.
During his stay, Minister Zameer is scheduled to hold talks with Indian External Affairs Minister S.K. Jaishankar, with the agenda aimed at further enhancing the longstanding relationship between India and Maldives. Of particular interest is the ongoing process of withdrawing Indian troops from Maldives, a key promise of the current government. Notably, progress has been made on this front, with two groups of troops already returned to India.
While this isn't the first international trip undertaken by the Maldivian government since assuming office, it carries significant weight in terms of diplomatic engagements and bilateral ties. As Minister Zameer engages in discussions, the outcomes of this visit are anticipated to shape the trajectory of India-Maldives relations in the foreseeable future.