Tuesday 21st May 2024
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General election

People’s National Congress Secures Supermajority in Parliament

The People's National Congress Party (PNC) has secured a supermajority in the 20th Parliament following the general election that took place yesterday.
According to the results, the PNC has won 67 seats, which includes seats in constituencies that are traditionally Maldivian Democratic Party (MDP) strongholds.
It is notable that the PNC candidate won the seat of former President Ibrahim Mohamed Solih. It was a constituency that the former president had previously held for 25 years.
When former President Ibrahim was elected President, his niece Jeehan Mahmood won the seat. Jeehan contested yesterday's election on the MDP ticket but was unsuccessful.
In addition, the PNC won several important seats in Addu City, where the MDP has long maintained a majority. PNC candidate Ahmed Azaan, founder of Dhiyares and The Maldives Journal won the Hithadhoo Central seat.
In Male City, MDP MP Mohamed Falah and Democrats MP Eva Abdullah had previously held their respective constituencies for 15 years. However, the election has resulted in them losing their seats, with Falah’s seat going to a member of the PNC, and Eva’s seat going to a member of the MDP.
The MDP has lost many constituencies that it used to win easily, with the PNC candidates winning in a vast majority of the races they contested.